The biggest event in the Valencian community is back! The famous Las Fallas are taking place again after a long break – and trust us, not only people from Valencia are excited about it. Before the pandemic started, Las Fallas attracted more than one million visitors from around the world each year! It is a unique experience full of joy, celebration and breathtaking fireworks. Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Las Fallas: A UNESCO Heritage Festival

The origin of Las Fallas dates back many years ago. It is originally related to the traditional burning of wood to celebrate the beginning of Spring on the 19th of March. Over time, the burned wood, often covered with old belongings or cloths and hence looking like manlike statues, turned into the Ninots the Valencian community burns nowadays. Every year, new Ninots are created and used to address current topics in a satirical way. Only two Ninots voted to be the best, are saved from the fire of the 19th of March and are exhibited in the Museum Faller. 

Since 2016, Las Fallas is officially a UNESCO heritage festival, showing the cultural importance of this festivity. And it is not only about the burning of the Ninots. The festival, taking place over 19 days, is full of music, traditional costumes, dancing, paella in the street – and of course the mascletás, stunning fireworks we are sure you have not seen and especially heard before! The mascletá is taking place every day from the 1st of March to the 19th of March at 2 PM on the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and also during several nights. There are four parts to the show:

  • The beginning with both sound and visual effects,
  • The body, where the intensity goes up,
  • The terratrèmol, when the firecrackers (masclets) burst,
  • And an Air Show with aerial, colourful fireworks. 

It is recommended to keep your mouth open to avoid damaging your ears. You need to see this before the end of the Fallas! 

From the 15th till the 19th of March, streets will be full with people dancing, enjoying live music, eating Churros etc. – you can just stroll around the streets and you will definitely find something going on!

The highlight of Las Fallas is taking place on Saturday, the 19th of March: The first events already start in the morning with the “Ofrenda de Flores” (Offering of Flowers) of the Falleres Mayores and their Courts of Honour and the solemn mass, held by the Archbishop of Valencia in the Cathedral of Valencia to honour Saint Joseph.

During midday, you will have the chance to see and especially hear what Las Fallas is famous for: the Mascletá! In the evening, the party continues with a fire parade and it ends with the spectacular highlight of Las Fallas: La Cremà. This is the part where all the monuments, handmade artworks designed with love and patience, are burned to ash in the streets of Valencia. This spectacle of fire takes 3 hours and is definitely something you have not experienced before!

In order to not miss out on any event, you can check official websites like or use one of the Fallas applications, where you can see which events take place.

We hope that you will enjoy this special time!

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