Answers to some common questions

We have tried to answer all the question you might have for Valencia Language Exchange. Please try to find your answer here, if you can’t find it please write us: info@expatsvalencia.com

All the languages are welcome in our languages exchange meetings. 
Normally there are tables for English, French, German and Italian with Spanish. Sometimes we organise tables for other languages, in case there have natives and learner for example: Portuguese, Russian, Chinese etc. 
Friday: There are almost all the languages, sometime people are from languages and we event don’t know.

Everybody, who likes languages and meeting new people can participate in our events. 

The only condition is to be member. Valencia Language Exchange is an association and the participants have to be member of the association to participate in its meetings. 

Most of the events are free of cost except from excursions and very few events what are not directly organised by VLE.  Language exchanges, Language Events, parties are free of cost. 

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