Pirineos Aragones

Pyrenees Aragon

Pyrenees Aragon

The Aragonese Pyrenees are located on the border between France and Spain, the Aragonese Pyrenees are home to majestic mountains, striking rock formations, and incredibly diverse flora and fauna. What is more, it is one of the best places to visit in Spain.

 Nature, National parks, unique landscapes, the most beautiful villages, outdoor activities it is all that make the Pyrenees a World Heritage Site.
During this trip, we will visit the most beautiful and unique places and landscapes of the Aragonese Pyrenees that will be forever etched in your eyes.
3 days in a hotel surrounded by nature with Breakfast and views + best guide and coordinators + Private transportation + Insurance. 

Towns and mountains we are going to visit:

  • Parque natural de ordesa y Monte Perdido
  • Parque Natural de los Valles Occidentales
  • Antigua estación de Canfranc
  • Ainsa
  • La Alquezar
  • Sallent de Gallego
  • La Jacetania
  • Lanuza

and many activities such as rafting in Ainsa, or the Artouste Train etc... See below


It is the most beautiful town in Huesca, it was declared a National Monument in 1931 and its urban area has been a Historic-Artistic Site since 1982.

Alquezar is a Medieval town dominated by the historic 11th-century collegiate church of Santa Maria. The town is located in the Nature Reserve of the Sierra and Canyons of Guara .It was founded by Sheikh Jalaf Ubn Rasid in the early 9th century and was conquered by the Christians in 1083.

The prehistoric cave paintings earned Alquézar UNESCO World Heritage status in 1998.

Visiting this city is almost like traveling in time. We will walk through the streets with a guided tour, feeling like an old knight or a medieval lady, just like a trip back in time. We will be able to feel the atmosphere and to see the preserving beauty and uniqueness of this town.

Antigua estación de canfranc

You cannot miss the opportunity to visit a unique monument such as the impressive Old Canfranc Station, even nominated as an Asset of Cultural Interest and inaugurated on July 28, 1928. This station is truly worth visiting.

The station, styled on a 19th-century French palace, was the second largest of its kind in Europe when it was inaugurated in 1928 by both the Spanish King and French President. Unfortunately, 46 years ago the station fell into abandonment and since then it has become just a tourist place. Inside, you can immerse yourself in a surreal atmosphere thanks to the light that filters through the windows and the ghostly appearance of the building, which has been the scene of numerous films and cinematographic productions.

Sallent de Gallego

Sallent de Gallego is another beautiful town in the Pyrenees, surrounded by spectacular landscapes and with interesting monuments in its historic center, for example, the 16th-century Gothic church and its medieval bridge.

They call it the Spanish ski mecca, and you can find Formigal – Panticosa. We are going to dine in this town discovering its most beautiful streets and corners. Another very beautiful town in the Pyrenees, surrounded by spectacular landscapes and with interesting monuments in its historic center, for example,  a beautiful Gothic church, that houses a valuable Plateresque altarpiece. The bridge is also worth a visit, as is the Romanesque triple arch in the main square. 

We are going to spend some time in this town discovering its most beautiful streets and corners.

Parque Natural de los Valles Occidentales

Parque Natural de Los Valles Occidentales is one of the protected areas that covers an area of 27,073 hectares. This natural area of upper Aragon, located in the northwest of the Aragonese Pyrenees, offers you a magnificent representation of the Atlantic forest, which gives rise to an enormous wealth of fauna.

Parque Natural de Ordesa y Monte Perdido

At least once in your life, you have to visit one of the most beautiful areas of the Pyrenees: Ordesa and Monte Perdido. This beautiful piece of natural paradise located in a natural park was even declared a World Heritage Site in 1997. And you can not leave the Pyrenees without visiting the impressive waterfall of the national park, one of the highest in Europe, surrounded by its 15,608 hectares.


Ainsa is one of the most characteristic and beautiful villages in the Pyrenees, located on a picturesque promontory. You will be transported in a fairy tale with its stone streets, its old houses, and its spectacular stone castle dating from the 11th century. The castle of Aínsa has had impressive historical importance since the Middle Ages and was the scene of the signing of political pacts, suffered various domination, and became the emblem of the area. The church of Santa María, in the town square, also has a strong fascination for its architecture and history.

Description of hiking trails Day 2: Circular Aguas Tuertas Route (Natural Park of the Western Valleys)

Distance: 11.98 km

Positive slope: _352 m

Technical difficulty: Medium Easy

Negative elevation: 352 m

Maximum altitude: 1,684 m

Minimum altitude: 1,357 m

Type of route: Circular.

Day 3: HORSE TAIL Route, (Ordesa y Monte Perdido)

Distance: 18,76 km

Positive slope: 778 m

Technical difficulty: Medium High

Negative elevation: 778 m

Maximum altitude: 1,763 m

Minimum altitude: 1,299 m

Type of route: Circular

Description of optional activities (Day 2 and 3) Day 2 High mountain train ride, (Ordesa and Monte Perdido Natural Park)

At 2,000 meters of altitude, the Artouste train, is the highest tourist train in Europe that allows you to discover the wonders of the high mountains in a very comfortable way.

On the second day after a simple easy mountain route we will have the opportunity to ride this train (Optional, and it costs € 25)

Day 3 Rafting in Ainsa (Natural Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido)

 If you love adventures, we prepared something for you! Can you imagine rafting in the Pyrenees the river that descends from Monte Perdido and passes through the Pineta Valley. It will be an unforgettable experience that you will truly enjoy and will remember your whole life! This activity will last almost 4 hours.

Day 3 we will visit Ordesa and Monte Perdida, and if you don’t want to do the horsetail route you can go down with the bus to Ainsa and go rafting. In the afternoon we all visit the town before leaving for Valencia.

Our hotels

We have chosen our hotel with great care in the middle of nature so that you can enjoy nature and relax.

Imagine waking up in front of a high mountain with pure air. The Hotel Sarao is located in Escarrilla just 4 km from Lanuza, another very beautiful and unimaginable town in the Aragonese Pyrenees.


This tiny village is located on the edge of the eponymous Lanuza lake, surrounded by the rugged peaks of the Pyrenees mountains. It is one of the most beautiful and essential sites in the Aragonese Pyrenees. Lanuza, with its beautiful stone and slate houses, Suscalar pier, La Cascada Natural, hosts each year one of the main cultural festivals in Spain. We are sure that you will fall in love with this wonderful little town!


Saturday 21/08
We will leave very early in the morning towards the Pyrenees. First stop would be the most beautiful town in Huesca “Alquzar”. A guided tour and we will go to the hotel that is in another essential town “Lanuza”. We will have a rest and a visit to the old station of Canfranc. And then at night we will go to dinner in Sallent ge Gallego (The Mecca of Esqui in Spain)
Sunday 22/08
We will wake up in the morning and we will have breakfast in the middle of nature, and we will go out to do a very beautiful route of 12 kms easy level (Details below) in the Natural Park of the Western Valleys. Around 3:00 p.m. we returned to the hotel and at 5:00 p.m. (Optional, reserve separately) Artouste high mountain train (Highly recommended)
Monday 23/08
Monday you have two options: A route in the Ordesa and Monte Perdido Natural Park. Or a visit to the Ordesa and Monte Perdido Natural Park and Rafting in Aínsa. After the activity, a visit to Ainsa and back to Valencia.

Meeting Point: Avenida Aragón 31 (In front of mestalla)

COVID-19 Safety Measures:

In order to travel and enjoy safely we will have to follow these protocols to travel with VLE / CoAcad. First of all, if you feel some symptoms like fever / cough / respiratory problem you should not participate to the trip. Use of a mask will be mandatory at all times on the bus. The bus will be sanitized before and after each service. Before boarding the bus, temperature control will be done. We will give you a disinfecting wipe so you can safely clean your seat. Do not print a ticket to avoid handling paper, show us the QR code on your mobile or just tell us your name and surname. During the guided tour everybody will wear the mask.

Todos nuestro viajes están organizado por agencia de viaje Wexcursion, con numero de licencia. CV-m-1881-V

All our trips are organised by Travel agency, Wexcursion, under licence number CV-m-1881-V.

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